• REI has an extensive background in providing both major and minor project design services in the Continuous Services format for a variety of clients, including the past six years for Florida State University.


 Florida State University: Continuing Structural Engineering Services

Minor Projects/ Threshold Inspection – 2007 extending through 2016: REI has completed (or is currently working on) a total of 33 individual projects, including:

  • Music Bldg. Slab Settlement Repair
  • Stadium Video Board Installation
  • University Center Storage
  • Dodd Hall Beam Design & Cracks
  • Reservation Bldg. Modifications
  • Fine Arts Sign Foundation
  • Stadium Ribbon Ad Boards
  • Kellum Hall Stairwells
  • Sallie Hall Stairwells
  • Deviney Hall Exterior Brick
  • 809 Madison Street Renovation
  • WFSU – New Building
  • Kellum Hall Exterior Brick
  • Stdium Column Crack & Ramp Repair
  • Skybox Rooftop Units
  • Mag Lab Loading Dock Extension
  • Keen Building – Rework Loading Dock Area
  • Thrasher Building Stairs – Feasibility Study
  • Athletics Physical Training Facility, Building 90
  • Tanner Hall (Police Station) Modification
  • Marine Lab Tank Platform
  • Marine Lab Boat Ramp
  • Basketball Training Facility – Spalling Investigation
  • Mag Lab, New Lab Space C310
  • Hoffman Building Walkway Settlement
  • Receiving Dept. Loading Dock
  • Well Vault Design
  • Stadium Exterior Wall Investigation
  • Stadium Investigation-Piers, Plate, & Brick
  • Chemistry Bldg. Storefront Reinforcement
  • FSU Lab Theater
  • Aramark Building Brick Repair
  • Smith Hall Brick Investigation & Design
  • Reservation Boathouse Re-design
  • Sallie Hall West Staircase
  • Central Plant Chilled Water Line Support
  • Kellum Hall – Repair Stairs 2 & 3
  • Law School Auditorium
  • Doak Campbell Stadium Bracing Modification
  • Marine Lab – Overlook Dock
  • Jennie Murphee Duct Penetrations
  • Leach Center Fan Support
  • Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility
  • Propane Tank Foundation
  • Rogers Hall Wall Spalling Investigation
  • Kellum Hall Wall Spalling Investigation
  • Law School Door/Beam Modification
  • Doak Campbell Visitor’s Locker Room
  • Doak Campbell HC Settlement
  • Mag Lab, Battery Pit

Representative Project Pages Include:

FSU Reservation
FSU Reservation
FSU Doak Campbell Stadium JumboTron & ProAd Video Screen Supports
FSU Doak Campbell Stadium JumboTron & ProAd Video Screen Supports